Be Omnipresent

Ensure accounts are adhering to your specific best practices at all times and rectify with a single click

Find Key Opportunities

Adcessible won't run your campaigns for you, but will do the hard work to let you focus on making key improvements

Simply Presented

Don't work through hundreds of spreadsheets and pivot tables, have everything presented to you clearly and concisely

Low & No Code Is The Future

Capitalise on the technical knowledge your teams have without having to hire specific technical experts with Adcessible's hybrid tools

  • Fed Up With Manual Data Pulls And Analysis?
    Quickly and easily have reports sent via email or refreshed in Google Sheets every single day
  • Sign up for the free tools with no credit card
    Just enter your email address in the sign up form and you will be registered to use the set of free tools forever with no payment details required
  • Simply create a user and link your ad accounts
    And then get ready to start using a digital marketing automation app which is built on the experience of working with some of the world's largest advertisers

Secure & Easy Admin

It's very easy to start using Adcessible with all your advertising platforms. Simply choose which accounts you'd like to work on and only users with access to those accounts in the platforms themselves will be able to access the data

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Check out our explanatory video to see the Adcessible platform in action and understand how its features will help you improve your marketing and get better results with less resources

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Adcessible is a very useful and intuitive tool. From small to large accounts it is the kind of tool that very efficiently removes those painful and repetitive tasks that you just would rather not do but are important for maintaining account efficiency and health. Not great at attention to detail - Adcessible covers that for you and ensures you are on top of every keyword, ad copy, ad groups and campaign setting and configuration. Use Adcessible so you can focus more on the fun, strategy direction of your accounts.
Anu Adegbola - Founder, MindSwan

Frequent Questions

  • 1

    What is Adcessible and what can it do for me?

    Adcessible is a platform designed to automate tasks for digital marketers. It will not run or optimise your campaign based on an arbitrary or standard set of best practices, but allow you to decide what it most important for your accounts and act on the data provided by advertising platforms

  • 2

    Can Adcessible cover all my advertising platforms?

    Adcessible is integrated with the main advertising platforms, but has developers with experience of even more - if one of your key platforms is missing, let us know!

  • 3

    Is it worth paying that amount for it?

    We think so - but you can always sign up without entering any payment details and test the free tools whilst getting a feel for the platform

  • 4

    How can I sign up and get started?

    Just fill out the Signup Form with your name, email and desired password and you're good to go with the free tools. You can then sign up for a subscription and link your advertising accounts to get going with the rest of the platform

  • 5

    What does Low Code & No Code mean?

    It means that while we've done the hard work writing the code for a lot of what Adcessible can do, there are opportunities for you to further customise the reports you pull/audit rules you make using a simple user interface, or (if you want), a couple of lines of code of your own

  • 6

    How are payments handled by your team?

    We handle all subscription payments securely through Stripe