Google Ads API v6 - Reporting Update & Full Change History Support

Posted: 24th Nov 2020
Updated: 27th Nov 2020
Greg Asquith
Greg Asquith
On 5th November 2020, Google announced the release of the latest version (v6) of the new Google Ads API.

So what's new? Well, a whole load of things - you can see the full list here, but I'm going to pick out a couple of key things for you to watch out for.

Updates to Search/Reporting

In v5, the move towards using field presence such as optional string and optional double instead of wrapper types such as StringValue and DoubleValue started and in v6, this is now complete. You can read about what this means in full technical terms in the release notes, but the two main points are:

  • To quote Google: "Your code will be easier to use and more concise with payloads that are significantly smaller"

  • In your code, if you're using a client library (I regularly use the Python library), you'll no longer need to use the .value attribute when retrieving the results of a query row. Either the value will be there, or the path will not exist

Full Change History Support

I know a couple of agencies that will be very happy to hear this news. Previously, you could only access certain elements of the change history (and not altogether useful ones at that), through the Search endpoint.

Now, Change History has it's own resource, which you can access to see not only who made a change (which is new in itself), you can also see how that change was made. The list of clients is actually pretty comprehensive, so now you'll be able to see what % of changes are made through Scripts vs Automated Rules vs The API etc etc.

There were of course more changes made with the release of v6, but those are the ones I wanted to call out. If you have any questions about any of the other changes, don't hesitate to drop me a line on LinkedIn, Twitteror over email at

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Greg Asquith
Greg Asquith

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