Welcome To The Adcessible Example Dashboard!

Here you'll find a range of completely free and easy to use tools developed by Adcessible to help create better advertising.

Some you'll need to sign into your Google Ads account to use and see your live data and some can be used by anyone, regardless of whether you are a Google user or not.

As long as Adcessible exists, these tools will remain freely available to everyone, helping anyone to improve their advertising campaigns and create better advertising. We'll also keep adding more as time goes on and platforms evolve to ensure we're completely up to date.

If you find these tools/dashboards useful and would like your own custom dashboard or suite of tools, read on below...

Custom Dashboards & Tools

Each of the example tools/dashboards supports only one Google Ads account at a time and requires users to log into their Google Accounts. If you'd like custom dashboards that include data from multiple accounts or platforms (Google Ads, DV360, SearchAds360, Campaign Manager, Facebook, Twitter and more), Adcessible can provide a personal dashboard.

Adcessible Premium Customers have access to a completely bespoke suite of tools and dashboards, complete with their branding.

If you'd like to discuss how Adcessible can help make your advertising better through technology, contact hello@adcessible.io

For Agencies: Users can be granted access to multiple advertisers and topline dashboards can combine data for all your clients in one place.

Dashboard Ideas
  • Cross Channel Performance
    See topline stats for all your activity in one place
  • Budget Tracking
    Make sure you're spending in line with your budgets
  • Correct Setup
    Ensure that all your campaigns are implemented to deliver maximum value
Tool Ideas
  • Optimise
    Have all the data ready and waiting to make optimisation decisions and tactics and even make changes directly from the Adcessible interface
  • Compete
    Show clearly where your product or service offer brings more value to consumers
  • Assess
    Measure the sentiment of replies to your social media ads in real time
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